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My mission is straightforward: to deliver the online bookkeeping services of your choice, crafting a personalized package that brings exceptional value to your business.

Bookkeeping for small businesses with a customizable and affordable package approach, creating a striking harmonious balance between your business responsibilities and cherished family time.

Karen poses for a picture in her home

Hi, I'm Karen,
a QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor Bookkeeper, with over 30 years of Financial Accounting experience.

What Can I Do For You?

Let's collaborate on devising a strategic plan that frees you from the time-consuming tasks of bookkeeping. This personalized strategy aims to empower you to concentrate on steering your business, savoring quality "me-time," cherishing moments with your loved ones, and enjoying the tranquility that comes with peace of mind.

Flexible and Committed

Collaborating with Karen is an absolute pleasure due to her patient, amiable, and thoughtful nature.
An absolute pleasure!!
Darla C
Financial Controller

Organized and Efficient

For nearly a decade, Karen served as my dedicated Bookkeeper and Accountant. During the peak period, when our staff numbered 75 and our client base exceeded 700, she successfully handled the entire department on her own. Despite lacking a formal  degree at the time, Karen's competence in managing our Accounts Department was unquestionable. Her remarkable attention to detail and an exceptional memory became indispensable assets of our company. She never avoided addressing problems and was determined to ensure that every entry balanced, going above and beyond to satisfy even the most demanding Directors.
Carol H

Creative & Resourceful

Karen is a delightful individual to work with, bringing immense pleasure to collaboration and creativity. 
Her organizational skills and methodical approach further enhance the experience.
Asst. Accounts Manager
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