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QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor,

With 30 years of Financial Accounting experience.

Kare poses for picture in front of a window

Karen Klemann

I established this business keeping small businesses like yours at the forefront, aiming to assist you in achieving and maintaining organizational efficiency.


My primary goal is to offer you a valuable service that optimizes your productivity, boosts your sales, which is aims at company growth, while allowing you to allocate more quality time with your loved ones.

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am a native to the beautiful Cayman Islands with 30 years experience in the financial industry. Throughout my career, I have held prominent positions in esteemed companies such as Dart Enterprises, Foster's Food Fair, BrittHay Electric Ltd, and more. In these roles, I had the privilege of managing substantial financial portfolios, overseeing full-cycle accounting processes, and handling intricate payroll responsibilities. My expertise and dedication have allowed me to navigate high-demanding environments with precision and efficiency. An opportunity brought my husband to the island for work, leading to our meeting, marriage, and eventual relocation to Citrus County, Florida just a few years ago. Now, I am eager to bring my wealth of knowledge and experience to support your business's financial success.

About Me

Client Endorsement

Ever since Karen became a part of our team, her exceptional skills and dedication have become evident. As a bookkeeper and accountant, she consistently ensured the accuracy and timeliness of our accounts and finances. Her unwavering diligence and meticulous attention to detail were unmatched. Karen's remarkable ability to recall information made her the go-to person for resolving any issues, showcasing her problem-solving expertise. She embraced every task with a strong sense of ownership and responsibility, proving herself to be an invaluable asset. Despite the challenging task of managing a workforce of 12 and a clientele of over 100, Karen fearlessly tackled the challenge with enthusiasm, striving for seamless operations and well-organized accounts.

Karen's presence was truly transformative for our business, filling the missing piece of the puzzle. The entire team benefited from her hard work and dedication. Thanks to her efforts, our accounts and finances were consistently in order, exceeding the satisfaction of our directors. Karen's commitment, attention to detail, and exceptional problem-solving skills solidified her indispensable role within the team.

Chief Financial Officer - DCW Ltd 

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